About Peter Kane

Peter Kane is the North America Marketing Communications Manager for AirPlus International. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, AirPlus is one of the leading international providers of payment and analysis solutions for daily business travel management. Peter is responsible for the strategy and execution of all external communications in the United States and Canada, including marketing, public, and press relations.

Prior to joining AirPlus, Peter was Director of Membership Marketing for InfoComm International, Manager of Global Marketing and Operations at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), an Account Executive for full-service public relations and advertising agency Greystone Partners, and worked for business and communications consulting firm Sam Waltz & Associates.

Peter holds a Master of Arts in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University. His research includes:

  • Germany: How Important Is Entrepreneurship to Future Economic Growth and Corporate Success?
  • United States and European Union Anti-Trust Policy – A Comparison Focused on the Aviation Industry: Is an International Competition Regime Necessary?
  • SPRING Singapore and Its Impact on Singaporean Entrepreneurship
  • The Relationship Between High-Impact Entrepreneurship, Early Stage Financing, and Economic Development
  • The Technology Lifecycle (S-curve) of the Jet Airliner
  • The State and Future of Gulf Airline Carriers
  • The Relationship Between Gambling and Entrepreneurship, Economic Freedom, Risk, and the Global Recession
  • SOPA, PIPA, and Net Neutrality: The Politics of the Internet
  • The State of the Irish Economy: November 2011
  • Turkey’s Accession Into the European Union

Additionally, Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware, where he studied Political Science and English.

A resident of Arlington, Virginia and originally , from Rhinebeck, New York, Peter’s passions include travel, running, and golfing and the Manchester United Football Club. He is an avid reader and plays both the violin and trumpet.

Peter’s middle name is Tappin.